Yorkshire Paving

Yorkshire Paving Can Be Produced Using Natural Materials

Yorkshire paving options for driveways and patios are varied. All will perform a similar function so the final choice of driveway surface will be down to the property or company owner. It will, in many cases, come down to personal taste, aesthetics, and budget.

Quality materials such as Yorkstone are, according to suppliers, becoming much more popular for paving North East properties. Natural stone blocks called setts or cubes are made from a variety of stone types and colours. Laid properly in a Yorkshire patio or driveway, they are low maintenance, they look stunning, and they are very long lasting, but they are expensive. Given the interest in natural paving in York and Yorkshire, sales of reclaimed stone setts, which are usually cheaper, are increasing. They are a stylish but expensive alternative to block paving North East driveways and patio. Flat slabs of natural stone, often called flags or flagstone, provide long lasting driveways or garden paths with an unmistakable character. Quality Yorkstone flags made from the Pennine stone of North England are a perennial favourite, especially in Yorkshire, but many other types of stone slabs such as Indian sandstone and slate are also used. New and used Yorkstone flags are now available. Again, they can be expensive but sales are strong. Cobblestones, also known as duck stones, are landscaping stones from beaches or rivers. They are available in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes are more reasonably priced and easier to lay.

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