Updates And Changes To CSCS That Affect Your Choice Of Block Paving Manchester Wide

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It is commonly understood amongst individuals and businesses looking for any type of paving and groundworks that the company they choose should be affiliated to the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). What you may not be as aware of is the work that is undertaken by the team behind the scheme and how this impacts the block paving Manchester wide business that you choose to complete your work.

The purpose of the CSCS is to provide proof to any interested parties that any individual working in construction is either appropriately qualified, or is in the process of becoming so. It is not a compulsory scheme, but more and more construction firms insist, for their own peace of mind, and ongoing good fortunes, that their workers hold valid CSCS cards. However, the scheme is not without its problems, and it is up to those running the scheme, with the support of the CITB and the Health and Safety Executive to find, understand and overcome those problems. One such issue that has affected all sectors of the construction, groundworks and block paving Manchester wide industry is the number of fake CSCS cards that are in circulation. This is a problem for several reasons. Firstly, it puts those hiring construction companies to complete concrete driveways North East and beyond at risk of shoddy and even dangerous work undertaken by poorly skilled and inexperienced individuals and companies looking to make a quick profit. Secondly, from the perspective of reputable companies, it puts them at risk of unknowingly hiring unskilled and dangerous workers to do paving Newcastle wide. Overall the existence of fake cards, in any amount, is a blot on the industry and on those who work hard to comply with all legislation and best practice.

So, what can be done to overcome this and other problems faced by the industry and the CSCS. Firstly, those looking to hire block paving North East professionals should never take the existence of the CSCS card for granted. If the individual, or even a site manager shows you CSCS cards, don’t take them at face value. The scheme holds a record of everyone who has a legitimate card, and the training they have undertaken to support them in holding that card. Check this out using the CITB Online Card Checker resource. All employees should do this for any new hires as well. The introduction of smart technology in the industry is also helping to reduce the number of fake cards, or faked information related to legitimate cards, and this is a positive step forward for companies offering paving Manchester wide and the public in general. Another change that affects those looking to hire anyone from the construction industry, or a related occupation is the removal of the CRO cards at the end of March 2017. These cards are currently held by those in industries related to construction. It allows them to carry the CSCS logo, but CRO card holders do not have to achieve specific qualifications to hold the card. Removing the CRO cards closes the loophole and means that holders who still want to be recognised by the CSCS will need to hold appropriate qualifications to work with those offering Manchester paving after this date.

The CSCS works tirelessly behind the scenes to improve the safety of the industry, and its associated industries, as well as ensuring that the general public are safe and receive the level of service they expect from trained and qualified construction, groundwork and block paving Manchester based specialists.

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