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Paving Yorkshire Patios - What Are The Current Design Trends?

Paving Yorkshire driveways, paths, and patios is becoming more subject to design trends, as gardens come to be regarded as outdoor living spaces or extra rooms. As paving is often one of the more permanent features in a garden, it plays an important role in any design project.

While materials used are chosen by homeowners, and depend to a large extent on preferences and budgets, suppliers and the media influence choices as well. Specialist paving contractors will also influence decisions. So, what are the latest trends homeowners might consider for their hard landscape projects? The latest trends in paving options for patios and garden paths are about mixing natural materials, and breaking up large areas of paving flags or gravel. One scheme might use large grey riven concrete slabs in a grid pattern, with large gaps left around them that are filled with decorative gravel or natural stones chippings in a contrasting colour. Another would be to use square concrete pavers placed closer together on a patio, but again with contrasting Yorkstone gravel between them. White concrete flags look really eye-catching if wide spaces are left between their grids and grass is allowed to grow. Paving slabs can be used to create large open rectangles filled with Indian sandstone chippings or other materials. Finally, this year's new product for paving North East paths, patios and landscaping is vitreous paving flags, with a very smooth but anti-slip and anti-stain surface.

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