Pavers Newcastle Area

Pavers Newcastle Area - Why Concrete Pavers?

Pavers Newcastle area or paving Newcastle that tend to be preferred for outdoor paving features, such as patios or paths, are generally made of concrete. But, why is that the case? What makes concrete pavers so preferable over other options, such as brick or natural stone pavers?

Well, concrete pavers are easy to remove and, if necessary, re-install. Generally, maintenance means just keeping an eye on the weeds that can grow because of the gaps between the pavers, and power cleaning on an annual basis. Concrete pavers are also popular because of their price. While other paving materials can be expensive, concrete pavers are affordable yet high-end decorative designs and styles are still achievable, if that is what you desire. Concrete pavers also benefit from being very durable too, meaning you won't need to replace them for many years. And, when it comes to driveways, pavers can be better than poured concrete as they offer slip resistance. This is very important during those icy mornings, when traction is so important and if your house or property is on a slope. Pavers also come in two different types: architectural slabs and interlocking pavers. Architectural slabs are generally best for patio projects due to the aesthetic appeal, whereas interlocking pavers are tougher and more suited to handling the weight of cars, making it perfect for driveways. So now that you've learned more about the benefits of having concrete pavers for your outdoor feature project, what paving Newcastle or paving North East company should you hire to get the job done?

Well, you needn't look further than EF Paving Contractors Limited. We offer great rates on all of our work and we've been laying pavers Newcastle area, and further afield in the North East, for over 15 years. So why not get started with a quote today? Visit or give us a ring on 01833 630783.