Patterned Concrete Driveways North East

Patterned Concrete Driveways North East – The Stylish Solution

Patterned concrete driveways North East wide are preferred by business and residential customers, as a stylish alternative to installing a plain concrete driveway. Many people in the North East and elsewhere in the UK like the durability, easy maintenance, and other advantages offered by concrete driveways, but are not keen on their appearance.

Consequently, paving North East based businesses looked to alternative finishes to 'improve' the visual appearance of concrete driveways. Firstly, dyes were applied to make concrete driveways visually more interesting. But, since the mid-1980s, more complex techniques have been employed to improve the appearance of concrete driveways. Currently, the most popular technique in the UK is called 'pattern imprint concrete'. This can also be referred to it as 'stamped', 'imprinted' or 'textured' concrete. To the rest of us, it is simply patterned concrete. So, how is patterned concrete created? Firstly, to allow concrete to expand and contract without cracking, it is laid in large areas or bays. The concrete is coloured and a pattern is stamped into the concrete surface before it sets. After it has dried, a resin or acrylic sealant is applied over the surface. Done properly, it can look stunning, but done badly it can be truly awful. If you live in the North East and are considering this for your driveway, paths, or patio, remember that it is not a DIY job and must be done by a competent paving company. Look for an experienced company providing concrete driveways North East based, and read reviews to ensure they have a great reputation.

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