Lancashire Paving

Lancashire Paving Needs To Be Flood Resistant In The Future

Lancashire paving, particularly paving of driveways and patios, has come under the spotlight following the Lancashire County flooding in December 2015. Run-off from driveways particularly asphalt contributed to rising river levels during heavy rain. Residential and company driveway owners are looking to specialist paving contractors for potential driveway solutions.

Paving manufacturing companies have developed a number of potential specialist solutions. These are currently predominately used in commercial, industrial, or civic projects. However, it is likely that these solutions will become available for private residential property and small business owners in the future. Councils are considering insisting they are used in paving North East England for new build properties and property improvements. Permeable paving lets water drain through it, rather than between the cracks or stores. The rainwater needs to be released slowly, helping prevent rapid surface run-off and over-burdening drains and watercourses. Solutions include specialist block paving, called concrete block permeable paving, which visually is no different from other block paving North East driveways. Other examples include permeable clay pavers, permeable tarmac, and permeable resin bound aggregate. Other systems are porous, allowing water to run through. These products include concrete supported grass paving, where natural grass grows through the holes in a concrete honeycomb pattern. This landscaping will support occasional parking and foot traffic. Different systems use different laying methods, so they need to be installed by specialist paving contractors. Geo-matrices are plastic cells that can be filled with bark, gravel, or other loose fill to provide a strong porous surface.

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