Why Are Driveways Currently In Demand?

Patterned Concrete Driveways Yorkshire

There’s absolutely no doubt as to why driveways have become a ubiquitous fixture of properties up and down the country. But in recent years, there has been an explosion of people looking to install concrete driveways North East way over the past few years. Why is that the case? What has made patterned concrete driveways Yorkshire, Manchester and north of England wide so popular?

Well, one such trend that is being observed by many block paving North East firms is that property owners are converting front gardens into driveways. Why is that the case? Well, with the increasing commercialisation and competition for on-street parking spaces in residential areas – particularly in residential areas just outside cities – people want to have their own parking spots. Not only that, but it’s possible to actually avoid planning permission when certain conditions are met. Patterned concrete driveways are extremely popular with residents due to the fact that they can avoid planning permission. Surfaces of concrete block paving, asphalt and gravel are porous which allows water to be naturally drained. This is also the case if this new or replacement driveway can redirect rainwater into a bordering drain or into a lawn. If a driveway space is larger than five square metres and is using more traditional driveways made of impermeable materials that don’t allow such a rainwater run off, then it will require planning permission. However, it is worth noting that the above rules relate to houses as opposed to the likes of maisonettes, flats, converted houses, non-residential buildings, and areas where there may be special planning conditions that need to be met.

So many are taking advantage of these conditions to have concrete driveways Yorkshire way, and across the north of England, installed. However, there is also another reason why many are looking to install new driveways: rental of parking spaces. As we said above, parking spaces have been installed as a way to avoid the increasing competition of parking spaces. However, if you have a driveway installed (or an additional driveway installed), you can rent this space out. This really depends on how closely you are located to key areas. So, for example, if an airport is close-by, you could rent this driveway space out to a holidaymaker who is going away for a week. They could park their car on your driveway for a fraction of the price of the airport parking costs; and you could still make a tidy monthly profit. This is also true if you are close to the likes of football grounds and train stations. Many cities in the north are growing again in size and stature – with the likes of Salford in Manchester now being, for example, the British media hub outside of London. So having patterned concrete driveways Yorkshire installed can be incredibly beneficial for these reasons.

Looking to join the trend? Then make sure to get a good deal from a paving firm. However, do make sure your chose firm is qualified to perform patterned concrete driveways Yorkshire wide. If not, you could end up being in breach of planning rules.

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