Concrete Driveways North East Wide – Do You Need Planning Permission?

Concrete Driveways North East

It is fair to say that planning regulations differ slightly from county to county within the UK. However, final say on planning regulations, and therefore on what you can do without permission comes from central government, with individual councils having the ability to tweak the rules to their specific circumstances. The rules regarding the laying of concrete driveways North East England and beyond, are no different.

There is no denying that adding a driveway to your home has huge advantages, including actually providing you with a guaranteed parking space outside of your home. If parking is limited in your neighbourhood, or if you regularly transport children, elderly relatives, or those with disabilities, then parking up the road from your home may just not be practical. However, before you call in the experts in concrete driveways North East wide, you need to ensure that you can actually go ahead, and what, if any permission you need to do so. Let’s deal with the subject of whether you need permission first. Since 2008, homeowners that want to put down a hard surface of any more than five square metres, which would not control rainwater running into the road, need to apply for planning permission. If, however, you are looking at laying a porous surface you do not require permission from the planning authorities. Porous surfaces include the likes of gravel and permeable block paving Manchester wide. Similarly, if you are replacing existing concrete driveways Nottingham or hardstands, which control run-off to your lawn or garden, then you do not require planning permission.

So, new concrete driveways Newcastle and beyond are likely to need planning permission, what is the problem if you choose not to get it? Well, firstly, no reputable groundworks or paving Newcastle based company will undertake the work if the permissions are not in place. If they did, and it was to be made public knowledge that they had done so, it would affect their reputation and their ability to secure further work. In addition to this, you could face quite hefty fines and have to remove the work that has been done. On top of this, if a council inspection finds any damage to their property, such as the pavement outside of your house you could be made to pay for repairs. And that’s not the end of it either. Let’s say that you get the work done without permission, and no complaints are made, meaning no council inspection and no fines, your home and dry, right? Well no, because it’s not a legally recognised parking space, you have no legal right to access it. This means that if someone was to park in front of your new driveway, you would have no resource in law to stop them. All of this can be avoided by gaining the correct permissions before starting work. Block paving Manchester based companies and groundworks companies will be more than willing to support you in understanding the rules as they apply to you.

If you are looking to have a new driveway added to your property, then the course of action is clear. To save you time, money, inconvenience and stress in the long term, make sure you get planning permission before you start the works. Companies that install concrete driveways North East and beyond are a good starting point for understanding whether your project requires permission.

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