Concrete Driveways Lancashire

Concrete Driveways Lancashire Installations – What You Need To Know

Concrete driveways Lancashire wide are highly sought after. After all, laying a well-planned and decorative concrete driveway, pathway, or patio enhances the appearance of any property. It is important to know a bit about how this service is carried out so that you can be sure that you do not fall victim to any cowboy paving companies and poor workmanship.

By understanding the process the best paving North East based businesses generally follow, you can make sure you work with a quality company. A concrete driveway, pathway or patio should be constructed in layers. The first layer is the sub-grade. The paving contractor should dig down from the surface to a certain depth, depending on the thickness of concrete slab you need to lay. Concrete pathways should be 75 - 100mm thick while driveways need to be at least 100mm. Sub-base is a layer of compacted material that may be necessary for driveways or on soft or unreliable ground. Temporary formwork or shuttering contains the liquid concrete. A damp-proof membrane should be laid down before the concrete is poured. A driveway or pathway will need to be laid in sections with movement joints between them. Once the concrete is poured, it needs to be finished and any stone or imprinted patterned effect applied. Your new concrete driveway should then be left to dry or 'cure'. In constructing concrete driveways North East based, the professional paving company you choose should have appropriate experience, skills, and knowledge.

EF Paving Contractors Limited has this knowledge and over 15 years of experience. Viewing our website will show you our previous quality concrete driveways Lancashire installations and reviews. It will allow you to contact us and get a free quote or discuss your concrete driveway or paving plans. Alternatively, phone us on 01833 630783 to speak to one of our team.