Block Paving Tyne And Wear

Block Paving Tyne And Wear - Is This A DIY Project?

Block paving Tyne and Wear; is this something you’re interested in? Block paving of driveways and patios is becoming very popular, and it is overtaking more traditional North East surfaces such as asphalt, concrete slabs, or stone flags. However, they need to be laid properly to provide a lasting, stable driveway or patio.

Many people consider paving their driveway or patio themselves to save money, however, this could end up being more costly in the long run if you make a mistake. This is why you need to hire an experienced block paving North East based company. By looking at the process involved, you can see why this is best left to the professionals. As with much construction, the key to quality is preparation. First, decide where the paving will go. Mark the edges and dig out the area to a depth of about 200mm. Put in a layer of sub-base aggregate. Compact with a roller or wacker plate until you have a layer 100mm thick. This should slope away from buildings so water drains away. Lay an edge course of blocks to create a solid frame for your block paving. Add a bedding layer of sharp sand 40mm thick. Block paving bricks are then laid onto this layer. Working from the laid blocks, use a herringbone pattern for driveways while other patterns are fine for landscapes paths and garden patios. Settle your blocks into place with the wacker plate, then brush fine sand over the surface to fill the gaps between blocks. This is the general process used by the best paving North East based firms. However, it does differ from property to property.

When it comes to block paving Tyne and Wear way, you’ll struggle to find better than EF Paving Contractors Limited. We can install the paving for you, or, if you do have experience in this area, you can hire out our digger. Phone us on 01833 630783 or ask for a quote online at