Block Paving In Newcastle Upon Tyne

Block Paving In Newcastle Upon Tyne - Concrete, Brick Or Natural Stone?

Block paving in Newcastle Upon Tyne is a skill appreciated by so many people in the communities of the Newcastle and North East areas. Patios and driveways are there to be seen by guests, friends, families, and even neighbours, so it matters that paving is done correctly. But, how do you choose the right paving material?

There are a number of options when it comes to new patios or driveways, but common amongst the choices are concrete paving, brick paving, and natural stone paving, such as York or Indian stone. They are all options that many paving Newcastle companies can provide, but which is best? Well, that depends on personal preference, budget, and the time and ability you have to perform maintenance. Concrete paving is the most affordable of the three, and it also offers durability and a low-level of maintenance. While previously limited in colour and shape choices, today's concrete block paving has all sorts of options. But, as the colouring is not natural, it will fade in time. Brick is a bit more expensive than the concrete option but, unlike concrete, the colours are natural so won't fade over time. Moreover, since clay comes in a range of varying colours, you can find something that perfectly fits in with your home. Finally, natural stone paving is undoubtedly the most expensive option, but undeniably beautiful in comparison to the other two options. It's durable and, again, since the colours are natural, you won't see any major fading in them. After you make your decision, you then have to pick the right paving North East based company for the job.

At EF Paving Contractors Limited, you can trust us to perform a quality job using all three of the above textures and materials. We offer guarantees on all of our block paving in Newcastle Upon Tyne, as we're that sure of the quality of finish you are receiving. So don't delay, book today via, by calling 01833 630783, or emailing