Block Paving In Manchester

Block Paving In Manchester - The Basics

Block paving in Manchester has become very popular over time. With many looking to change their poured concrete paths and driveways that were once so prominent in the 20th century, block paving has become the modern way to revitalise properties. But, what is block paving? And, why is it so popular now?

Since the 80s and 90s, block paving has increased in popularity, proving to be the major growth area for the paving industry. Mass production has helped to make these previously expensive blocks much more affordable for contractors and the public alike. For example, a square metre of concrete block paving is just a few pound more than a square metre of plain slabs. Block (or even brick) paving looks terrific in all ways, whether it's being used as part of a driveway, a patio or to create a path around the garden or your house. They come in two different forms, either concrete block pavers or clay brick pavers. They are also available in different thicknesses. And, a project built using block pavers by a paving North East specialist can be built to your specification. If there's an idea that you've seen elsewhere, block pavers can be used to emulate this style. This is thanks, mainly, to the flexibility of concrete block pavers, in particular; which can be cut to size, coloured, and textured in a variety of different ways. Block paving Manchester way is at an all-time high, and you should definitely look to take advantage of the wide availability and affordable prices of getting block paving installed.

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