Block Paving Durham

Block Paving Durham City – Your Guide To Driveways And Patios

Block paving Durham County is a popular service. In particular, residential driveways, patios, and paths are a growth area in the paving market. This trend is reflected throughout the UK, with block paving being the biggest growth area in paving over the last ten to fifteen years. What block paving options are available to you?

The answer is that the variety of block paving available is huge. One popular DIY store details over 80 options for block paving North East driveways and patios, while another lists over 50. Block paving blocks are usually made of high-quality concrete. The use of mass production techniques has driven down the cost of the blocks while including a wide range of colours and finishes. Block paving can be split into two common categories. Modern rectangular blocks are seen all over Durham, often laid in a herringbone pattern, and are available in the widest range of colours and effects. Their relatively small size, typically 200mm x 100mm x 50mm, makes them much easier to handle than flags or slabs, making them the paving of choice for drives, patios, and paths. Tumbled or antique blocks are made to imitate natural setts, pavers, or cobbles but, while they are cheaper to buy and install than natural stone, they are more expensive than modern rectangular blocks. They particularly suit older properties, and a good range of sizes and colours are available. The best paving North East companies will ensure patios and garden paths are perfectly laid for an immaculate finish.

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